Jonathan Lopez was serving as an infantryman when he lost his arm to an accident overseas. Following this accident, he suffered through a number of hardships that are common among traumatically injured veterans and non-veterans: loss of self-esteem, depression and drug dependency. His troubles got so bad that they eventually led to an attempted suicide.

When Jonathan finally realized that he needed to get his life back in order, he made fitness his priority. He found that working out served as a natural antidepressant, and in short order he began entering – and excelling – in fitness competitions. With his adopted service dog Zoe always by his side, Jonathan is now a fixture at events from coast to coast. He performs at an elite level against fully abled athletes, and he has distinguished himself on some of the biggest stages of the fitness world. In particular, he will be appearing on NBC’s Ultimate Spartan Season 2, airing starting June 12th, and he is currently in training to swim from Alcatraz to San Francisco.

In his partnership with CadiraMD, we have provided him blood testing, training guidance, nutraceutical products and other support resources to help him make the most of his competitive drive and unconquerable spirit.