Staff Sergeant Ian joined the military after the attacks of September 11 and became a member of the famous 1st Infantry Division 1-26th Blue Spaders. During his
38 months of service, his unit lost 15 men while serving in Baghdad. Perhaps the most difficult moment for Ian occurred during his second tour of duty, when his unit was deployed to the bloody northeast sector of the city. On December 4, 2006, his convoy was ambushed. 

An enemy fighter threw a grenade into his truck, and Ian’s gunner, 19-year-old Ross McGinnis, jumped on the grenade, sacrificing his life for the sake of the unit.
McGinnis was awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously for his valor, while Ian received significant shrapnel wounds to his face, arms and legs.
Ian was widely decorated for his service in Iraq – he earned two Bronze Stars for Valor, two Bronze Stars, two combat valor meritorious service medals, two Purple
Hearts, two Iraqi campaign medals, two global war on terrorism medals, three good conduct medals and more.

But none of those decorations would speed his recovery. It took five years for his wounds to physically heal, and even that progress was unexpected – doctors
had told him that he would never be able to walk again. Despite his recovery, he continues to struggle with sever PTSD, nerve damage and the effects of traumatic brain injury. When Ian’s and CadiraMD’s paths crossed, he was homeless and struggling to restore some stability to his life. We were honored to provide him the support he needed to begin putting his life back in order, and today Ian is actively bringing a message of fitness and hope to veterans across the country.