The diagnostic power of genetic testing is becoming increasingly important in the practice of contemporary medicine. Our genetic testing program examines each patient’s individual genetic profile, looking at some of the most important markers for the role they play in a patient’s behavior and his or her anticipated response to a broad range of medications.

At the heart of the program is the proprietary Recovery Optimization Resistance Report – or ROAR Report, for short. It offers an easy-to-understand summation of the patient’s genetic makeup and predisposition, and features analyses of each patient's unique wellness tendencies and the genes that affect metabolism as well as his or her expected response to a variety of medications.

Genes & Wellness Tendencies

The report matches specific genes tested with their potential impact on biological and psychological function, then offers therapeutic considerations that may help address many concerns. In particular, we identify a number of key genes that are commonly recognized today to have significant, meaningful impact on a person's development as he or she interacts with the environment, helping to guide behavior and promote the practice of preventive medicine.

Genes Affecting Metabolism

A patient’s reaction to particular medications – whether he or she is a poor metabolizer of certain substances, for example – can be critical in the diagnostic process, guiding physicians towards or away from particular drugs or classes of drugs based on a patient’s expected response. This can contribute towards more effective therapies, produce enhanced outcomes and prevent critical – and costly – reactions to certain medications.


This section of the ROAR report details a patient’s anticipated response and risk expectations to a broad range of specific medications. This detailed list of frequently prescribed drugs may serve as a handy reference for patients and prescribers, helping them avoid those medications that may be ineffective or that may produce adverse reactions while steering them towards those that are more likely to be efficacious.

Powerful Reporting
Medical information - particulary information about genes and the interaction between genes and the environment - can be confusing, not only for laypeople, but even for practiced physicians.

That's why we developed a report that's designed to demystify the entire genetic testing process. We clearly explain all the terminology that surrounds the science of genetics to give you a clearer and more thorough understanding of the information our tests provide.

We use a clearly-designed, graphically appealing layout that highlights critical information, presents details in a way that's easy to follow and digest, and that uses colors intuitively to help you better understand all of the data at your fingertips.

You'll be sure to appreciate all the care we've taken in the crafting of these reports because the information they provide is rich and detailed. Spend just a few minutes with them and you'll have a far better undersanding of the role that your DNA plays in your own well-being.

Better still, you'll have clear and specific actions that you can take in an effort to enhance your wellness now. prevent disase down the road and make the most of what mother nature has given you.