Your Path to Wellness: Emotional Health

November 22, 2017


Your overall wellness is made up of three main components: physical, mental, and emotional. While many focus on the physical aspect of wellness, mental and emotional often get left behind. It’s important to remember that the three work in tandem to create a healthier you.


Being emotionally well isn’t just about tackling or handling stress. It’s about a complete understanding of your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors, both positive and negative. People who are emotionally aware of themselves are generally happier, more self-aware and tend to be more resilient in difficult or stressful life occurrences.

In the same way that working out your muscles and eating well can lead to good physical health, exercising and maintaining good habits can help secure your emotional wellbeing. Activities like thinking positively, meditating and being optimistic can all help you adjust your emotional sphere.  These practices may take some cognitive effort, especially if they go against your normal thought processes, but the more you employ them, the easier they’ll become.

Certain vitamins and minerals can also help you to achieve emotional wellness. Studies have found that magnesium can be particularly helpful in stabilizing mood, coping with anxiety and dealing with stress. Despite this, many adults in the U.S. lack the necessary and recommended intake of magnesium, between 320 to 420 mgs a day.


Magnesium is found commonly in dark, leafy greens like spinach and chard, pumpkin seeds, almonds and organ meat. Even a square of dark chocolate has 95 milligrams of magnesium!

Sometimes, we can’t always get the necessary nutrients through diet alone. You can also get the magnesium required for your body’s biochemical reactions through a daily vitamin or a supplement like our own MagPlus Neuro.


While building healthy, self-helping habits and eating well can start you on a path to emotional wellness, the true journey starts with you. It’s important that you take out time to care for yourself in every aspect to give yourself the best and happiest life possible.