You Have Great Genes

November 15, 2017


Did you know that you are mostly a mixture of just six main elements: carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulfur. These elements have bonded together and reacted with each other to make you and everything you are.


Of all the trillions of molecules in your body, perhaps the most amazing one is your DNA. Your DNA influences almost every aspect of who you are, including not just your physical self but also your mental makeup. It even tells your cells how to create themselves.


So what if you could have all of this information – the entire story of you – right at your fingertips? Even better, what if this information could be used to understand your unique physiology more thoroughly so you can make the most of your journey to wellness?

It’s now possible. Contemporary medicine and science can analyze the information in your DNA to identify your medical predispositions and help you understand which medications you’re likely to metabolize well and which ones your body won’t metabolize properly.

At the heart of our program is the proprietary Recovery Optimization Resistance Report – or ROAR Report, for short. It offers an easy-to-understand summation of your genetic makeup and predispositions. Your ROAR report will analyze of your unique wellness tendencies and the genes that affect your metabolism, and it will detail your expected response to a variety of medications.


That’s important because different people’s bodies process various medications differently. You may process one drug much more quickly than someone else, while another person may barely process it at all. Knowing how you’re likely to respond to particular medications can help your doctor prescribe treatments that are more likely to be effective and help you avoid drugs that may be ineffective or even harmful.


Better still, you don’t have to be a Ph.D. to figure out all this information. Your report features an easy-to-read layout with clear graphics and concise explanations to enhance your understanding of the material. You’ll get simple and specific actions that you can follow in an effort to enhance your wellness now, prevent future diseases, and live a life that’s in sync with your body right down to the molecules that make you who you are.

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